Hello everybody!

It has been quite a number of months since I last posted, however the Volta Tower is never too far from my thoughts. And especially not today. Today as always is a very special day, marking 62 years since the collapse of the Volta Tower. May the tower forever remain in our thoughts, and the loss of Mrs. Florence Northen killed in the tragedy.

On a more upbeat note, I recently was involved with a Parish Records talk given by John Bailey at the Mission Room a few weeks ago. It was during this talk that I met a gentleman I have been in contact with over the past year or so with regards to the history of the tower and specifically information surrounding the death of William Digby, the man whose death sparked the creation of the Volta Tower. Talks with this particular gentleman has also led to me becoming aware of the existence of documents regarding the building's construction. More information coming soon!

For now I continue to thank one and all for the continued support and backing of this website. This is the one and only website on the internet that remembers this beautiful building. I only discovered recently that the information to have been placed onto Wikipedia about the tower had been removed by another user. This website is one that will never allow that to happen, and the Volta Tower will forever belong here.

In my personal life, I have a hefty project ahead of me as I approach the end of my University course and am required to produce a large dissertation. This may mean I may be out of action and even quieter until the summer of this year, however the research never stops and this website carries on! Your continued support, backing and understanding is much appreciated throughout this time.

This is all from me for now. Thank you all for your messages and emails and despite my work, I will keep you all informed of any developments or updates with regards to the ongoing Volta Tower research!

~ Jamie

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