Hello again everybody!

It is less than 24 hours since my last blog post, and I have been in contact with many people in the last day with regards to the Volta Tower, memories they have, or associated items they have in their possession. I have been in touch with a kind gentleman who owns a vintage postcard shop and has sold me a postcard of the tower from 1906, in which the sender mentions they used to live in the tower. Their name looks like 'Holley' but we are yet to trace who this person exactly is. I hope to find this out in due course upon the postcard's arrival! Prior to 1906, inhabitants of the Volta Tower included Elam Cooper and his family in the 1881 census, and David Roberts and his family in the 1891 census. It is possible it could be a member of one of these two families, or perhaps even someone before that? Who knows? We shall try and find this out!

In addition to this, I have now created a 'Coming Soon' page, which you can find in the extra drop down menu on the site. This new page details upcoming developments for the site, and what we have exactly in mind for 2013 on this very website. Keep your eyes peeled for new developments!

That is all for now. Take care one and all, and I shall inform you all of any new developments which should be very soon!

~ Jamie

Photo of the Volta Tower site, 18th February 2013
Hello again everybody!
I have had a busy few months and apologise for not posting in that time and apologise to those people who emailed me as far back as August that I had yet replied to until tonight. Upon reading my emails tonight, I was fascinated with some of the people to have contacted me over the months.

Within one of the emails, I have a kind gentleman who has been researching the alleged ship 'HMS Volta' and Lt. William Digby Mackworth Dolben. It has come to light that three months prior to William Digby's death, he was commended for gallantry following a wound of some kind. In addition to this, the gentleman concerned informs me that William was drowned off of Lagos Bar just as they set off for the River Niger.

In addition to this, I have had a man contact me from a Vintage Postcard shop, informing me that they had a postcard come in of the tower, postmarked 1906 and signed by what looks like a 'Holley'. The individual concerned mentions that they used to live in the tower in the letter. I have replied to this man at once to find out more, and provided him with names of the descendants to have occupied the tower prior to 1906.
Furthermore I have also been contacted by a descendant of one of the children of David Roberts, who was living in the tower with his 6 children at the time of the 1891 census. The descendant has provided me with fascinating information with regards to Mr. Roberts who was 38 years old back in 1891, running a shoe factory that made boots for soldiers serving in the Boer War, before going out of business in 1905.

The most fascinating and exciting news I have to behold has literally occurred within the last three days. I have been left a comment in the site guestbook by a direct descendant of the Northens. The descendant concerned is a grandchild and has stated that she actually lived in the Volta Tower, and is quite possibly the last living person to have ever lived in the tower - how amazing is this? I was absolutely delighted to come across this comment tonight, and the lady concerned has been contacted.

Well that is all from me for now! I attach a photo above of the site of the tower, taken on a photographic jaunt around Finedon on the 18th February.

Bye for now folks, and I again thank all those people who take the trouble to look at this website,

~ Jamie