Hello everybody!
I apologise for not blogging for so long, but today was a day that I simply could NOT forget to blog! Today marks 61 years since the day of the Volta Tower's collapse, and it is the very same day of the week as it was back in 1951.
The Volta Tower collapsed in the morning of Friday 16th November 1951. It is rumoured that a rumble could be heard and both John Edgar Northen and Florence Northen had run outside the tower, but with seconds to spare Mrs. Northen ran back in to retrieve her handbag only to be caught in the moments of the tower's collapse, killing her instantly.

Today is a day of remembrance for the tower and a day to reflect on the past and any memories people may have of this beautiful building which stood for 86 glorious years. I have lit a candle in memory of the tower and to the life of Mrs. Florence Northen.

Bye for now and my very best wishes to all who take the time to visit this website

~ Jamie

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